We value our patients' experience at Waldorf Chiropractic Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Eric Waldorf

"My family has received chiropractic care from Dr. Waldorf for several years. My first encounter with Dr. Waldorf was during a presentation at the county library. While I was expecting something different, his wellness philosophy intrigued me.

I had been receiving chiropractic care elsewhere for many years. I met Dr. Waldorf roughly 2 years after an automobile accident. At that time, even with regular chiropractic care I continued to experience back pain. The back discomfort caused restless, sleepless nights and my regular investment in a new and better mattress.

Realizing what Dr. Waldorf said made sense and that I had exhausted all avenues except a different approach to chiropractic care motivated me to make a call to Waldorf Chiropractic.

Within a few weeks, I was sleeping well and the rest of my family had drifted through his door. My entire family finds Dr. Waldorf to be professional and knowledge about his profession. Dr. Waldorf takes the time to insure you, the patient, understand your treatment plan."

Susan L.

"After going to Waldorf Chiropractic Center for the past few weeks, I can honestly say that this is the first day I have been pain free in months and months. My arm isn't numb and I have complete mobility. If you need a Chiropractor, Dr. Eric is highly recommended."

Eric M.

"Dr. Waldorf is awesome! He genuinely cares about his patients. He's a good doctor and a good friend. Thank you for everything Eric."

Joe K.

"After suffering a stroke, I had so much pain in my arm and shoulder I wondered if Dr. Eric could help me. With chiropractic care and manipulation under anesthesia I am now working out 3 day a week and have less pain and more mobility than ever. Dr. Eric has instilled on me a new positive outlook. Dr. Eric changed my life."

Charles B.

"Finding Dr. Eric was a god send. I work for a major supermarket stocking shelves and have had pain in my back for 10 yrs. It was becoming increasingly difficult to do my job and the pain was getting to the point that I could not turn my head. I came across a flyer for Dr. Eric and the procedure MUA. After my examination I found out that I had 3 herniated discs in my spine. I decided to go forward with the MUA I can now turn my head and am living pain free."

Delbert T.

"I came to see the doctor with chronic back and neck pain. Also at the time I had been diagnosed with double sciatica. Dr. Eric was very through in his examination and diagnosis being that I have seen other doctors ranging from general medical doctors to neurologists. Through adjustments, exercise, and physical therapy I now have relief! The best advice I can give someone in pain is to come see Dr. Eric."

Stephen C.

"I came to see Dr. Eric because I was having headaches, migraines, lower back pain, and muscle spasms between my shoulder blades. He started me with heat and electric stimulation to help ease the muscle tension. I found out that because Dr. Eric was skilled in different types of adjusting techniques that when something did not work for me he had a different way that did. He truly tailored a care plan to suite what was going on in my body. I now have no migraines, and only have muscle spasms when I am out of alignment. Also there is no more lower back pain my headaches are less frequent and when I do get them, they are less intense. See Dr Eric, get evaluated, and get adjusted!"

Kimberly A.

"After Dr. Eric came to speak at my civic group I decided to come in and see him. I was suffering with arthritis, pain in my shoulders and neck which was aggravated by a car accident. I had pain in my upper back for the last 5 years that like a knife cutting me. It hurt to walk and was affecting my sleep. Dr Eric made sure I felt welcome in his office. He was very concerned about me as a person and my problems. When he said he could help me he gave me hope for the future with less pain. He had told me that if he could not help me he would send me to someone could. After a week of care the shoulder pain was completely gone. For the first time in a long time I am not taking any pills and I am not in pain. Please try Dr. Eric work with him and you could be pain free in a short period of time. Remember feeling good makes you a happier person."

Britha M.

"On Thursday my husband bent down to put up a towel he was using to finish washing my car and he could not get up. On Friday, not being any better despite a soak in the tub, he was seen by Dr. Eric (who gave up his lunch hour) and walked out pain free. Dr Eric took an extensive medical history, explained his plan for treatment and also his qualifications. He spoke to us both which as a wife I appreciated. While Dr. Eric took X-rays I read his diplomas. Dr. Eric's matter-of-fact presentation of his care plan for my husband was professional and very reassuring. He gave the best and the worst case scenario and explained he would have more information once the x-rays were developed."

"Dr. Eric Examined Gene's reflexes, nerve sensitivity, blood flow, etc., explaining everything carefully and thoroughly. He showed and interpreted the x-rays and thermal scan report in terms that we could understand and was very patient with our questions. (This was our first experience with Chiropractic Medicine) After a careful adjustment by Dr Eric Gene was free of pain and walked erect. With twice a week visits now in our fourth week of care he continues to do well. Dr. Eric came highly recommended by Jack in my exercise class. I agree with Jack."

Dr. Joanne P.

"I had extreme low back pain and discomfort in my neck and shoulders. It was affecting my ability to take long trips and I could not stand for long periods of time. Sometimes I could not even walk well. Dr. Eric did a thorough exam along with x-rays and a thermal scan. He set me up on a plan for weekly adjustments and some therapy with muscle stim. He also gave me exercises to do at home. The results are GREAT. In the beginning it is more painful but that is normal in some people. As my bones started adjusting to where they were supposed to be, the results where fabulous. I can now walk, even run, take long car rides and much more all without pain. My advice is not to wait as long as I did to see Dr. Eric I spent years with orthopedist, pills, and physical therapy. None of it was a permanent fix! Dr. Eric works magic with his adjustments. It may hurt in the beginning but it is worth it. Dr. Eric was and still is great!"

Sandy O.

"I have had sever lower back and neck pain. I could not walk and getting in and out of the car was a big problem. I was losing sleep every night and had headaches all the time. From the start Dr. Eric addressed my problems and the healing process began. Every day I get closer to being normal The heat treatments combined with the stim is relaxing and very soothing. The lower back pressure is starting to go away and my mobility has increased by 75%. I am sleeping more comfortably and the headaches are no more and I feel over time I will be 100%. If I could tell someone about this office I would say start care immediately and stick with it and it will really change your life giving you more energy and it will make you feel like you can do all the things you want to again."

"Listen to your doctor, he's right!"

Rob S.

"I slipped a disc in my lower back and was in extreme pain. I called Dr. Eric after a few hours lying flat on my back resolve the problem. Obviously I had no idea how serious the injury was. He immediately responded and even helped me get into the office. Dr Eric was amazing. He diagnosed me immediately and explained what had happened and why. He helped me stay calm and explained to me all my options, even offering to get me to a medical doctor if that where my choice. Dr. Eric was able to move the disc back to where it belonged within moments of beginning treatment. With daily adjustments and intensive therapy I was almost 100% better in five days. In less than two weeks better doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. Immediately call Dr. Waldorf. His college of Chiropractic and his commitment to patient wellness is unquestionable. I'd never have believed it was possible to feel so much better so fast."

Brenda R.

"When I came it to see Dr. Eric I was having allergy problems, I could not sit in a chair with no back, and had loss of sleep due to lower back pain. I have had lots of back pain but never really realized how much it was affecting me. Dr. Eric found that I was in phase one of spinal decay from his thorough exam. We started a treatment pain where I was seen three times a week and we monitored my progress through thermal scans. Today I now stand taller, I have no more headaches or allergies, I moved the seat in my car back to a more upright position because it is more comfortable. The time I really noticed a difference was this weekend. I went canoeing for 22 miles, slept in a sleeping bag (on the ground), and my back never hurt. Make time for your chiropractor! He works tremendously!"

Katie M.

"I was in pain in my shoulders, back, and hips almost daily and I wanted an alternative to relieve the pain that was affecting my quality of life. Not being able to sleep well and taking Motrin everyday is not good. Dr. Eric did his evaluation and proceeded with his plan of care to correct the problem with my spine. He explained to me both goals and expectations for he and I. Since starting care my pain is almost gone. It has been about 2 weeks and I am sure it will get even better. Stay with the doctors planed services. When I was not able to go to the office the way the doctor recommended I saw that I was not progressing the way I wanted. Follow the plan and be consistent."

Edna Z.

"I was in a car accident and started seeing Dr. Eric for that pain and stiffness that I was feeling. Within about a weeks time I was feeling better and able to return to work. Dr. Eric took the time to explain to me the phases of care and what it would take for me to be back to the way I was before the accident. I stuck with care and did my part to get better. At this time my shoulder is back to normal and my lower back pain is virtual gone. Thanks Dr, Eric!"

Giovanna L.

"I have degenerative disc disease in my neck, low back and shoulder problems. These are all previous injury sites. I also have grinding knees due to a problem under the patellas. Over the past 20 years I have gone the whole route of family doctors, orthopedic doctors, medications, physical therapy, and finally pain management with cortisone injections. The usual cycle I experienced was orthopedist, physical therapy, and discharge with the symptoms again becoming chronic and the cycle repeating itself. All of their disciplines have their place and benefits but I felt something was missing. About two years ago I began consulting a chiropractor. Under his treatment and exercise program I experienced improvement. The difference was that with maintainance treatments I finally saw results that lasted. I also rarely had to take any medications. I enjoy doing projects inside and outside my home which are physically taxing to my problem sites."

"Chiropractic Care has enabled me to stay active and continue to do the things I physically enjoy. I recently experienced a double move over a two month period, which was very difficult physically. I neglected to take care of myself with regular treatments and I could really tell the difference in my body. When I was finally in out new home, I knew I had to find chiropractic care again. That's when I walked into the Logan Chiropractic Health Center and met Eric. It was Eric's Saturday to be on call in the office and he was the one at the front desk with the receptionist. I told the receptionist I wanted information on their program. She and Eric answered my questions. Eric said he did not have any scheduled patients and would be able to start my treatment immediately. Just like that with no appointment or prior contact I was back in care."

"Eric is very clear in explaining the what and why he's doing something. It makes me feel more like a partner in my treatment, rather than a passive acceptor. While being very professional, Eric is also able to convey an atmosphere of caring and friendship mixed with a lot of humor. Not only am I back on track with a maintenance program, Eric has had success in improving my cervical condition. Several discs were considered locked with very little movement if any. In a short period of time, Eric has been successful in gaining some movement from these discs. I am hopeful the with continued treatment, more movement will be attained. My youngest daughter who is 16, has also stared treatment with Eric. The best advice I can give someone about chiropractic try it!!!! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just remember the key in my opinion is maintenance."

Kay P.

"My name is Kelli and I've been going to Dr Eric for about two months now. I've had a bad back since I was in my 20s ( I'll be 40 next month) but I never knew how bad it was until he did a scan on me! I'd never been to a chiropractor before but had heard good things over the years so I decided to give it a try. In the 2 short months that I've been going to Eric, I've already noticed a difference. My back, neck and shoulders are always so stiff, but after my treatments, I'm much more lucid and comfortable and find it easier to relax.

In researching this treatment before I actually went in, I was surprised to learn of all the other aspects of your health that chiropractics treats such as circulation, ADD, better skin and easier digestion.

In addition to being a great doctor medically, Eric is also wonderful personally. He is very reassuring and goes over every procedure that he does with a complete explanation and will answer any questions one might have to the fullest. I find this to be a huge difference to other doctors that sometimes treat patients like "just another number". I would highly recommend him and chiropractics to anyone."

Kelli Y.

"Before I started receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Eric, I was an absolute non-believer. No one could talk me into seeing a chiropractor under any circumstance. Then, the pain started; first in the lower back, then moving up until my entire back, shoulders and neck were in a constant, nagging state of pain. I knew I had to do something to reverse 27 years of beating up my body. After one month with Dr. Eric, the pain is almost entirely gone. But more important than pain management, Dr. Eric has increased my level of overall health. I highly recommend Dr. Eric's practices to anyone with pain or to someone who just isn't feeling their best. The difference he has made is amazing!"

Lee Ann F.

"We the D. family have been seeing Dr. Eric for several years for our back and other health problems. He has treated Anna Marie for plantar fasciitis by using laser and ultrasound treatments. Also, she currently wears foot levelers which have helped a great deal with the foot problem. Last year in the fall of 2009, Anna Marie developed severe pain in the left elbow reducing mobility to the arm and she was not even capable of lifting an empty cup. Dr. Eric diagnosed this and was able to treat and cure the elbow. Don has had a previous spinal compression fracture which caused him great pain and reduced mobility. Dr. Eric was able to treat the problem and restore Don's mobility. As a volunteer firefighter Don puts great stress on his back and Dr. Eric is able to alleviate the damages. Anthony and Alicia carry very heavy backpacks for school and this puts a lot of stress on their spines. Dr. Eric routinely adjusts them to alleviate and prevent future problems. We continue with biweekly appointments to maintain our health. Whenever there is unwelcome pain Dr. Eric is always available around the clock to treat us. He has done wonders for our health and well being and we would highly recommend him to all our family and friends. He truly has the hands of a miracle worker. Thank you Dr. Eric for continuing to take such good care of our family."

Don, Anna Marie, Anthony and Alicia D.

"I have had both upper and lower back pain for almost ten years. Most of the pain has been due to slipped discs in the cervical and lumbar regions of my spine. Of all of the treatments that I have tried, only two things have worked for me: regular swimming exercises and chiropractic treatments. At first I was skeptical of getting chiropractic work since it is not considered a "traditional" form of medicine. However, having gotten weekly treatments now for well over a year by Dr. Eric Waldorf, I am sure that without that half of my regular regimen, I would be back where I started with the pain. Dr. Waldorf is both caring and effective with the treatment of patients and I for one appreciate the work that he does."

Ed R.

"Dr. Waldorf was able to remove the dreadful pain I had been in for 6 weeks very quickly. Since then I have continued to work with him regularly to bring my body back to the stability, strength and resilience I once knew. I not only appreciate his ability to diagnose and treat the underlying causes of my mysterious ailments quickly but that he always does so with a calm optimism that all will eventually be well."

Mary S.

"After my back began periodically spasming in 2004, I contacted Dr. Waldorf for treatment. He thoroughly examined me, then patiently explained the findings and the course of treatment that was best for my condition. The pain stopped, and I have continued being treated by him since, to maintain my spinal health. When my wrist and arm later began to have intermittent nerve pain, it was natural to ask him to treat it. He did a thorough exam and found that I had some muscles binding up in my arm essentially choking the nerve and giving me pain. He used a muscle stripping technique called sound assisted soft tissue manipulation. The soft tissue technique was uncomfortable but, worked quite well in getting rid of the pain. Thank you Dr. Eric!"

Marianne A.