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The one question that comes up most often in conversations concerning Chiropractic care is, 'If I am not in pain, why do I need to see a Chiropractor?'

One good analogy is; 'Do you go to the Dentist when your NOT in pain?' We all know, the answer is probably YES!

We all make periodic trips to the dentist so we may avoid crisis care (drilling, fillings, etc.). So seeing a Chiropractor when you are not in pain is done to avoid crisis care.

By keeping you spine moving in proper alignment you can reduce your risk of future back pain, headaches, sciatica, and the list goes on. You and your doctor will be able to decide how frequently you should come in to be checked. Soon after starting care, your body will be able to tell you when you need to come in

How Chiropractic Works:
Chiropractic is now over one hundred years old and has been providing many people from different walks of life a pain free lifestyle.

At the Waldorf Chiropractic Center, we believe not every person is the same. Therefore, the doctors here have been trained in several different adjusting styles.

We have learned though time that not all people respond to the same thing. In this way the treatment you receive is custom tailored to you and the condition you are experiencing.

Adjustments of the spine can be performed several different ways. The doctor may just use their hands or may employ use of an adjusting instrument. There are also ways to adjust with out the need to hear that "popping" noise.

You and our doctor can discuss what is the correct way for your treatment to proceed. By adjusting the spine, we move it closer to being in alignment. Of course this does not happen on the first visit. It is like jacking up a car. With every pump of the jack the car moves higher off the ground. Similarly, with Chiropractic, every adjustment moves the bone closer and closer to where it needs to be for you to be in great health.

Who needs Chiropractic care?
Everyone. If you have spinal misalignment you are a candidate for care. People that have spinal misalignments include you, me, children, the elderly, and everyone in between.

Will I need care for the rest of my life?
This is a very common question. Like your doctor some patients make the decision to continue with regular checkups. They come in feeling great and continue to feel great.

What if my insurance does not cover care?
We all place different a value on our health care. Our office has made seeking a care very affordable for you. Be careful of a for profit company making your health care decisions for you when your health is concerned.

The Healing Power of your own body!
Doctors do not heal. The very best doctors remove interferences to your bodies own natural healing ability. This is the focus of Chiropractic care. Through gentle adjustments of the spine, your chiropractor removes nerve interference from the body so the brain may communicate to the rest of the body.

This is where medical doctors differ from Chiropractors.

In medicine, the emphasis is placed on the blood, while in Chiropractic, it is placed on a properly functioning nervous system.

The brain is the master control center of the body. If messages cannot get from the brain to the other areas of the body, we cannot function properly. The body will then give you a symptom (i.e. pain) to let you know something is wrong. By taking a pain killer, you're just covering up your body's message that something is wrong. You are not dealing with the cause.

Want to Know More? Now is your chance!

• Have you thought about seeing a Chiropractor?
• Has someone told you, "Perhaps you should see a Chiropractor?"

Come to Our Open House Question And Answer Session!!

Open House at Waldorf Chiropractic Center

Every other Tuesday night, the center will be holding an informative question and answer session to uncover the myths, truths, and facts of what chiropractic care is and is not. Bring a friend and all your questions for the Doctor to answer!!

All these questions will be answered including any question you bring!
• What is Chiropractic Care?
• The Truth About Chiropractic Care?
• Are Chiropractors really Doctors?
• Who should see a chiropractor?
• Should children is a chiropractor?
• How can Chiropractic Care Help me?
• Does MY insurance cover Care?
• What is that popping noise?
• What if I was told I should not see a Chiropractor?
• What if I have osteoporosis?
• How long will it take?
• Does it Hurt?

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