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Growing Older with Chiropractic Care: What Everyone Should Know

Is Chiropractic Care for you?
To some the thought of seeing a Chiropractor in their golden years might seem to be a bit frightening. Let me tell you that there is no
need for concern

Chiropractic Care Is Very Safe And Gentle For All Ages
There are several styles of adjusting that are available to chiropractors today. They can consist of the doctor using a specialized instrument called an activator, or the doctor just simply using his hands. No matter what technique is used you should know that it is very safe.

As you age, signs of arthritis and other symptoms of the aging process become increasingly evident. Your chiropractor can explain to you how your arthritis, as well as other signs of the aging process can be halted.

What If I Have Osteoporosis?
There are many different ways to adjust the spine. Several of them are what we call light force.

Dr. Eric adjusts many seniors with osteoporosis without a problem.
The only way to find out if you are a candidate for this type of adjustment is to make an appointment to have your spine evaluated. The evaluation process only takes about 30 minutes. It
is very informative and painless. After your evaluation you will be invited to return to the office so the doctor can review the findings of your evaluation with you.

Could Chiropractic Care Effect Other Problems I Have?
Can care have any negative effects on other areas in my life?
Are there side effects? The answer is NO!!

When chiropractic care is performed properly by a licensed chiropractor, there are nothing but side benefits. Some people have reported improved sleeping habits, more energy, less morning pain, and a lowering in there blood pressure.

As in everything in life results vary from person to person.

One thing that is Definitely True
Your life is better when you do not have nerve interference.

Nerve interference is a product of misaligned bones in the body. Your chiropractor's job is to gently move the bones back into alignment with a series of adjustments, thus removing the nerve interference and allowing the body to express health and heal on its own

Does Medicare Cover Care?
The answer to that question is simply YES!
Medicare will cover some of the care provided by a chiropractor.

How We Help Seniors:
• Halt the damage caused by arthritis
• Improve nerve conduction
• Relieve back, neck, arm, shoulder, head ache, and foot pain without drugs or surgery
• Personal attention from the doctor at each visit
• Willingness to work with your other medical providers to ensure you are getting the best care possible!


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