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Scoliosis and Your Spine


What is Scoliosis
Scoliosis is a not an uncommon condition of the spine. The spine has three major curves that go forward and backward. When we see the spine curve from side to side, however, we call this scoliosis. This can be very painful physically as well as emotionally.

The Good News Is There Is Hope
In Chiropractic Care, there are a few different types of Scoliosis-- functional, structural, and congenital. Your Chiropractor will be able to determine the type of scoliosis and what is the proper course of treatment.

At Waldorf Chiropractic Center There Will Never Be A Charge For Scoliosis Screening

Knowing is Half the Battle
A functional scoliosis is one that with motion disappears. Such a scoliosis is commonly due to spinal misalignment and is greatly helped with chiropractic care.

A structural scoliosis is also a form of spinal misalignment that has a great deal of muscle tension. Some muscles in the spine and back have become weak as others have become stronger. As the stronger muscles pull on the bones of the spine they will rotate and become scoliotic. Through adjustments of the spine and muscle reeducation, many patients have seen a noticeable change

A congenital scoliosis is something a child is born with. Sometimes the bones of the spine do not form properly. Instead of a block shape, it forms like a wedge. This will throw off the alignment of the spine. In this case, chiropractic has offered pain relief to several people. However, due to the fact of the bone being malformed, curve correction cannot be accomplished

This is in no way a means to diagnosis scoliosis.

With his information you can now be aided in making an informed decision on what direction to go for the management of your or your child's scoliosis.

Remember, at Waldorf Chiropractic Center, if we do not feel that we can assist you, we will refer to the appropriate physician that can.

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